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The real estate business encompasses a diverse range of professionals—are you selling your Lancaster home? You’ll most likely work with a couple of the individuals mentioned below.


Inspections, unless you’ve just bought your house, can be overwhelming due to the fear of potentially bad news. Your buyer will not be able to get a loan until all renovations have been completed, slowing down the process and costing you money. As the seller, you may be responsible for making substantial repairs just to get your house ready to list in Lancaster. Another option that many sellers consent to in the purchase deal is for customers to use the approximate cost of the maintenance to reduce their bid. You should hire several contractors to inspect the problem and offer repair estimates. The disparities in resolution and prices for their services can be surprising. Unfortunately, certain customers can actually walk away from the offer if the inspection results are negative. As a result, many homeowners opt for a pre-inspection in order to ensure a smooth and fast closure. Keep in mind that real estate sales are subject to rules requiring full disclosure.


When selling a home in Lancaster, deciding the value of your home will sell for on the existing real estate market is critical to determining the purchase price. Appraisers are selected by the courts or by quasi-judicial bodies. Appraisers will visually inspect the subject home, looking for information such as the number of bedrooms and other features, as well as the state of the house, old equipment and other features, layout functionality, and any other problems. They’re also well-versed in Lancaster area real estate and any external influences that can change the property’s complete enjoyment, such as noxious odors from neighboring industrial areas. Appraisers are particularly useful in managing the risks on investments made by lenders or other individuals with financial interests because of their capacity to assess all of the influential factors involved in this decision. Currently required on behalf of the lender to maintain a low-risk loan-to-value ratio, typically lending up to 80% of the appraised value without the need for PIP or private mortgage insurance.

Real Estate Agents

When contemplating how to sell your home in Lancaster, listing with a real estate agent is almost certainly the first choice that comes to mind. Sellers are also reluctant to list their property because of the process of showings. Strangers visiting their house, whether remotely or in person, makes some people feel uneasy. Others would rather not endanger their lives by being infected during the pandemic. Although certain homeowners can spend the time and money required to prepare their home for sale, potentially remodeling or making renovations, some do not have the time or resources to do so. Last but not least, many buyers attempt to stop paying big real estate agent fees by listing their home themselves. This can be disastrous for first time home seller.

Title Companies

The transition of the property, or the right to own the home, is done at closing of real estate transactions through a title company. These experts protect your interests in the deal and play an important role in selling your home in Lancaster. All supporting legal papers, as well as the contract you sign, will be reviewed and validated by their team of real estate lawyers. Certain rights of title, unpaid income taxes, and liens on the property are examples of these issues. If a lien is discovered, the title agent will expertly resolve the situation on your behalf. This service is required by mortgage lenders to ensure that the property is free of legal entanglements. Through settling legal disputes prior to the auction, the purchaser can enjoy a seamless settlement and save time by eliminating delays. They will then provide title protection to both the buyer and the seller after clearing the title. If an issue arises in the future, title insurance serves as a guarantee for the title, protecting you from financial liability. Our favorite local company to work with for title is prime transfer, located just off Oregon Pike.

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