Flipping a House in Lancaster

Have you ever wanted to start flipping houses? We have put together these four tips for quickly and easily flipping a house in Lancaster!Flipping properties can be a great way to make a lot of money. Still, before you dive in, there are a few things you should note that you won’t see on TV. If you’re ready to start making money flipping Lancaster homes, check out our 4 Tips for Getting Started.

Get Your Team Together

When it comes to flipping a Lancaster house, you can not go it alone. Create a team of professionals on which you can rely to handle all of the information. Develop partnerships with a variety of agents and private money lenders.

Find contractors and designers with whom you enjoy collaborating.

Always, make sure you’re dealing with a capable CPA who can help you keep it straight. After all, the point of this is to make money.

How and Where to Find Undervalued Real Estate

With the number of foreclosures decreasing and more consumers seeing the benefit of buying bank-owned properties in Lancaster, finding decent discounts has been more difficult than it used to be.

Nowadays, you have to do some searching to find the gem in the rough. Working with realtors you like and trust is a smart way to find homes with owners that want to sell quickly or homes that require big renovations.

Any savvy Lancaster house flipper is hunting for these types of homes at a reasonable price.

Get to Know Your Buyer

Before purchasing a property in Lancaster, you should conduct research on the surrounding area. Is it well-liked by retirees? What about for families? First-time home purchasers?

Mods and enhancements should be made specifically with them in mind.

An elderly couple may prioritize mobility, while a large family may desire a mudroom and an additional bathroom.

Consider what amenities would “please” the potential clients and have those that will make the buyer feel as if the house was built with them in mind.

Move Fast

When it comes to flipping houses, time is the worst enemy. Your goal is to resell the home as quickly as possible in order to maximize your earnings. The less time you keep borrowed money, the less interest you will have to pay.

When you factor in the value of electricity, insurance, taxes, and the rates you paid for maintenance and cleaning, you will see earnings dwindle before your eyes.

You should still aspire to do a better job updating and restoring the house, but make sure you deal with the best team so that the job is completed quickly.

Find a Quality Realtor

Many flippers overlook the end game and how important it is to have a team working for them. Often flippers are best at renovating houses and may not have the connections or know with all to sell their property for the highest price. We work with multiple flippers throughout Central Pa and even have a contracting arm of our business. This gives us a unique position in the marketplace that few others understand.

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